Judgment – Apocalypse : bande-annonce


Dans ce récent jeu indie postapo, point de radiations, de mutants ni de zombies, non, cette fois la fin du monde est déclenchée par les démons. Qu’importe, ou presque, le résultat est le même, il faut survivre coûte que coûte à l’heure du jugement dernier !

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation est comme son nom l’évoque très orienté vers la gestion de survivants, cela au travers de la simulation d’une base qu’il faut donc construire et entretenir. Les combats sont bien entendu aussi au menu, le jeu offrant une dimension tactique proposant de sérieuses batailles au fil de l’exploration du monde. Le tout étant représenté dans une 2D plutôt simple mais pas moins sympathique pour autant.

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Judgment is upon us – Full release available now


We never thought so many people would be eagerly awaiting Judgment day, but here we are. Almost three years in the making, over two years in Early Access, Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation 1.0 is now on Steam!

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The full version is, by far, the biggest single update we have ever released. The update pretty much doubles the amount of content in the game. If you are new to Judgment, you will be happy to hear that for the next week, to celebrate the launch, anyone that purchases the game will get our soundtrack for free.

Why release now?

Originally, we planned to spend half a year in early access. It’s been over two years now, and that time has been very productive. We released ten major updates, received priceless feedback, and had ample time to listen, implement and polish the game. Thanks to our postponing of the full release by another half-year after we were almost ready, we also had enough time to properly balance and debug all the new 1.0 content without being pressed for time. At this stage, we believe it is mature enough to be considered a full game, and no longer in alpha.

What’s next for Judgment?

Saying that we consider Judgment a full game does not mean we have nothing left to add to it. We still have a huge backlog of stuff we want to see added, and we do plan to work on it post-update.

Rest assured that we will be listening to your feedback and fixing or improving as needed. We also have at least one content update planned, with more random events, enemies and items amongst other things. Some cool new mechanics are also being considered, as well as additional game modes. I Can’t promise anything at this moment, but we do plan on adding to Judgment. How much and how often will also depend on our financial ability, which in turn depends on how well the full version sells.

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As we work on these updates, we will also start brainstorming our next project. Judgment is our first game and we learned a LOT along the way. We have leveled up working on it, and are now eager to proceed to the next world. An open world, a blank slate, in which we can use all that we have learned to create a great new experience.

All right, you’re probably dying to hear all the details about the full release update, so let’s dive right in.

Story – Based Campaign

The main feature of 1.0 is the campaign. Its story stretches over 5 episodes, complete with new scripted missions and new maps, cutscenes and multiple endings.

Note that this is not an expansion of the placeholder campaign that we had during Early Access. This is a whole new thing. The beginning may seem a bit similar, since after all there’s are the basics of setting up camp and surviving, but very quickly it becomes something altogether different.

Sandbox Mode

For those that do not want to follow the campaign’s storyline, we also introduced a new sandbox mode. There is no story or campaign missions, simply build, explore and survive for as long as you can. You will be able to unlock all technologies, objects, rituals, and equipment, just like in campaign mode.

Late Game Content

As detailed in our last dev diary, the full release adds two additional tiers – with new weapons, technologies, armor, equipment, enemies, rituals and more. This effectively doubles the amount of content, while adding many fresh challenges.

Additional Changes

While the core of the update is our campaign and new content, every update to Judgment includes a whole range of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and features. The list below is only partial and highlights the biggest changes:

Official support for French.
Community-made translations to Spanish, Russian and Italian.
The World map is 2.5 times bigger and includes two new biomes: Savannah and Tundra.
Additional professions that add increased diversity to your survivors.
Survivor level cap increased to level 10, with levels 5 and 10 granting double skill points, so you can max out 3 different skills.
More low-tier weapons and armor.
More random events.
A 64-bit build.
Additional music tracks, and various graphic improvements.
A short introduction battle that gives a small taste of mid-tier combat early on.
New special survivors for you to discover.

Old saves and mods
Old saves from the EA version, unfortunately, will not work with the full version. You can still use the Beta Branches tab in Steam if you want to continue your EA game. Right click the game in your library, select the beta branches tab, and in the drop down select Alpha 15.1.

As for mods, most should still work, but there are a few backward-compatibility breaking changes[judgment.wikia.com] that will cause some mods not to work.

Want to help?

We couldn’t have reached where we are without your continued support, feedback and kind words. But now we need your help again – to spread the word about Judgment! If you are interested in helping, please check this page[www.judgmentgame.com] for what you can do.