Échec et … VATS !


En bref. Les amateurs de cadeaux originaux, de jeux d’échec et de Fallout 4 peuvent depuis l’hiver dernier s’offrir entre autre via ThinkGeek cet ensemble de pièces réalisé dans un style dit “holographique”, autrement dit s’inspirant vaguement de l’affichage dans un Pip-boy.



The tactical battlefield

War. War never changes. In that it basically plays out like a strategy game. Funny enough, we have a strategy game right here. One that involves war – just a little bit more toned down and less permanent.

With pieces made of PVC, the Fallout Chess set features iconic characters – both good and bad. The board comes in an exclusive Pip-Boy style, with pieces to match. Take over the wasteland one pawn at a time… or raider/vault dweller as the situation calls for. Sorry, VATs are considered cheating.

Product Specifications

  • Fallout Chess
  • Officially-licensed Fallout merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek and GameStop exclusive
  • Chess pieces modeled after characters from the game
  • Features exclusive Pip-boy styled board and “holographic” pieces
  • 16 green hero pieces:
    • Lone Wanderer (King)
    • Dogmeat (Queen)
    • Mr. Handy (Rooks)
    • BOS Scribes (Bishops)
    • BOS Knights (Knights)
    • Vault Dwellers (Pawns)
  • 16 grey villain pieces:
    • Super Mutant Master (King)
    • Deathclaw (Queen)
    • Protectrons (Rooks)
    • Glowing Ones (Bishops)
    • Sentry Bots (Knights)
    • Raiders (Pawns)
  • Materials: Figures made from PVC plastic
  • Ages 7+